Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Ceiling Damage in Mission Viejo, CA

In this house the cause of loss was a burst pipe in the ceiling. We came in and the ceiling was just completely soaked and non-salvageable. So we went in a cut ... READ MORE

Water Loss in Trabuco Canyon, CA

This leak was caused from a pipe in the hallway , it traveled through the shared wall in the hallway to the bathroom and unfortunately did permanent damage to t... READ MORE

Pack-out and Floor Removal in Orange, CA

SERVPRO also has the ability to safely remove the items at your home and either place them in another part of your home or here in our temperature controlled wa... READ MORE

Kitchen Removal in Anaheim, CA

At first we thought this loss was going to be small but even the smallest leak can cause a lot of damage especially if no one catches it really fast. The house ... READ MORE

Large Loss in Trabuco Canyon

This was an early morning emergency call that came in at 4am, someone had improperly replaced a valve behind the toilet which caused a huge leak that affected 6... READ MORE

Toilet leak from upstairs bath in Laguna Hills, CA

This was one our big water losses we had, this loss was caused from a toilet leak upstairs. The water had damage some drywall and we ended up removing it. The f... READ MORE